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Please see below testimonials from leading industry figures who attend BusinessRiver's long-standing events in Ireland, including the Green Awards, Agribusiness Awards and the Marine Industry Awards.

“I am delighted as Minister for the Marine to be here and celebrate with these people who tonight are putting out their brightest colours, showing off their wares, and capable of competing not just domestically but on a global stage as well.”
Michael Creed, TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine - Marine Industry Awards 2017


"Oh, my goodness, I was shaking! I didn’t think we would get that far because we had a lot of tough competition. It’s fantastic. It’s just some recognition for the work that’s done."
Sinead Traynor, Carbery Group - Agribusiness Awards 2016


“We’ve been working on our green energy for the past number of years and this is our recognition that we’ve been doing something right.”
John Flahavan, Flahavan’s - Green Awards 2017


"We are very good at agribusiness. This is a real strength and whether it is small artisan life-style businesses or whether it is large agribusinesses who see the world as their oyster, there is a whole panoply of businesses from which we can build a really significant business and maintain it at the heart of our Irish economy."
Aidan Cotter, Bord Bia - Agribusiness Awards 2016


“These awards showcase innovation, technology and the big players involved in Agribusiness in Ireland. The success of tonight and the success of the companies and innovations that we have seen tonight will lead us to good stead into the future.”
John Durkan, Environmental and Sustainability Manager, ABP Food Group - Agribusiness Awards 2017


"We can all be very proud of where we come from, where we are going and how we are building that sustainable future for the country."
Robbie Linehan, Diageo - Green Awards 2016

"I think what the awards do is that they acknowledge all the people who were involved and all the companies around the country that are involved in the agribusiness and wider agribusiness sector. It is only right that we should acknowledge and celebrate their success and offer encouragement to other people who are maybe sitting at home somewhere with a good idea."

Andrew Doyle T.D, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine - Agribusiness Awards 2016

“It was fantastic! I was dumbfounded, I actually did not think I was going to win so I am absolutely thrilled. It’s amazing, a Sustainability Award for us means an awful lot.”

Birgitta Hedin-Curtin, Burren Smokehouse - Marine Industry Awards 2017

“Sustainability is becoming such an important sector and it's great to see such a cross-section of the industry involved in it. I can only see this event growing from year-to-year.”

David O'Flynn, Dawn Meats - Green Awards 2016

“It’s always important to develop the profile of the sector, and to do that in an appropriate context. The fact that there are sea food companies that are award winners here tonight, it’s very important to have those credentials that we can stand to and refer to amongst our peer group as independent awards.”

Jim O’Toole, CEO, BIM - Green Awards 2018

“It was like being in Croke Park on All-Ireland Final day! It was just a shock to see the number of companies we were up against and when our names were called out we thought it was the ultimate. A lot of hard work from a lot of people went into this organisation. So, I’m just delighted that they are justified in all the effort they’ve made in the last number of years.”

Donal O’Sullivan, Castletownbere Fisherman’s Co-op - Green Awards 2017

“The dairy industry is so strong in this country and to be an award winner and at the forefront of that is fantastic. It is an amazing achievement so we’re delighted.”

Marie Curtin, Temple Dairy - Agribusiness Awards 2016

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