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John Durkan honoured with the Green Food & Beverage Leader 2020 award

John Durkan, Environmental & Sustainability Manager, ABP

We are honoured to announce that John Durkan is the recipient of the Green Food & Beverage Leader 2020 award.

John addressed the live digital audience at the inaugural Green Food & Beverage Producer Awards on Thursday, November 5th, 2020.

John Durkan is the Environmental and Sustainability Manager for ABP for over 30 years and has developed ABPs’ Sustainability policy over the past decade. ABP views sustainability as a key business metric, one that provides positive outcomes, improves competitiveness and makes sound business sense.

He holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science, a Master of Science in Waste Management and an MBA in Business Management (Sustainable food production).

During his time at ABP, John has implemented many accredited systems within the processing sites to deliver sustainability e.g. ISO 14001, ISO 50001 & Carbon Trust Water, Carbon and Waste Standard and European Water Stewardship standard to good effect.

Thanks to his input, ABP has adopted many mitigation measures to reducing GHG emissions across the supply chain from farms to the end consumer. The company has agreed with the Science Based Target initiative, science based targets for scope 1, 2 and scope 3 (supply chain).

All in all, his many years of effort has helped the ABP Food Group achieve its 2020 (30%) CO2 reduction two years ahead of the target, is zero waste to landfill and reduce water usage by 50% on a per ton basis.


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